Rob Johnstone: Ninety Nine - The directions are simple
johnarobb: Self Portrait
jeffyphotos: The Hooded Fryer
s.debolfo: Portrait of the Self / An Instance of Vulnerability
Andre T 44: L’Artiste.......
kirstiecat: I'm a Crack in the Universe
Veiled Void: I thought I was the first one here, but I was just late to the show...🎭
possessed2fisheye: 98/365 - where we're going we don't need glasses
sidonie44: Before working
Studio d'Xavier: Damn! Why Didn't I Think of That?
Jim Sollows: Restoration (see description for the story)
~ Jessy S ~: Jessy 2021 | Color Version
Rob Johnstone: Ninety Seven - You're no oil paining
Pål M.: Just so tired of waiting...
Sui Sawada: Self-Portrait
J Trav: Plant Dad
Veiled Void: I'm always in timeout
*Kicki*: Purple
Mister Zeta: Bn-Portrait
Sui Sawada: Self-Portrait
Jen's Photography: Frida Kahlo styled selfie: half
devmasha: Love this
findingmeproject: Headless 11/52
mothermole: Self Portrait