Justin Bonaparte: Jennifer - Get Out of My Head
just.Luc: Peter W. 2018 # 24
CWhatPhotos: Dr Martens Ramsey Monk, black and red Stewart. . .
Kevissimo: PAEAN
james m barrett: Prof Ian Everall, international specialist in HIV and brain impairment
james m barrett: Jef Hall-Flavin - Academic and Theatre Director
james m barrett: Peter Daniels - Poet
james m barrett: Steven Godbee - Photographer & PR Specialist (Sydney)
just.Luc: Self II
just.Luc: The piano ain't got no wrong notes.
Justin Bonaparte: Victoria - Paris at Night
just.Luc: (Un)hide # 7
just.Luc: Closer # 16
CONSALVO de COSTA: Sarah Catalano
just.Luc: Closer # 15
Justin Bonaparte: Victoria - Rack 'Em
just.Luc: Son, can you play me a memory ?
just.Luc: Elias # 12
just.Luc: Jean-Marie # 68
martin wilmsen: Nikon D850 / 85mm 1.4 / Cat Candy K
just.Luc: Adonis # 9
just.Luc: Filip # 21