Landscape/ People in oil paint watercolor etching: Grandmother - oil paint on canvas 38x50cm 1958
David Cucalón: Serenity (II)
dannyhennesy: WARNING! 80´s Fashion OVERLOAD! Visual Cortex Close to Meltdown, Like drinking condensed Lemon-Juice, Even Audio system Gone Neon Haywire! (contemporary 2021 art By Danny Hennesy imitating 1980´s vibe)
Laszlo2019: imbalance
schubertj73: Sonne im Blues – abstrakt Blues Harp – Dutch Angle – Industrie Produkt Schwarz Weiß Makro Kunst Fotografie.
45SURF Hero's Odyssey Mythology Landscapes & Godde: Epic Firefalls! Yosemite Firefall Yosemite National Park Horsetail Falls Yosemite Valley Fire Falls Sunset! Fuji GFX100 California Fine Art Landscape Photography! Elliot McGucken Fine Art! FUJIFILM GF 45-100mm f/4 R LM OIS WR Lens
dannyhennesy: Savior or Despoiler? Sometimes you enter a doubtful gate despite your gut feeling just because you are so desperate to get away from where you are now! (Contemporary figurative painting 2021 By Danny Hennesy (hellish imp she-devil)IMG_0001
AESTRACT: Tulip 2 b/w
schubertj73: Geflügel Scheiben – abstrakt Schwarz Weiß Makro Kunst Fotografie
dannyhennesy: Abstract senseless cluttering Dendrites and anxons clinging in panic to each others to maintain a memory in a dying aliens brain an image of it´s loved ones! (Contemporary abstract artwork By Danny Hennesy) 2021 IMG_0001 (3)
Ida Pyl: Small trees and tall trees in the snow
Josh Getman: Train-Tracks-and-Snow---DSC_2672
Claudio Abate: Tarashi komi painting technique
schubertj73: Geflügel Scheiben – abstrakt Makro Kunst Fotografie
rod1691: O'Side City Hall 33-4-26-20-80D-8X15mm
AESTRACT: Tuscany landscape
drager meurtant: in the background
Filip Čaník: The other side.
Narineh Jorjian: The Fountain...
Josh Getman: Winter-Brook---DSC_3175
pasbartz: ~~ Dicotomia ~~
schubertj73: PROFILPORTRAIT Kind - Makro Skulptur Kunst Fotografie
dannyhennesy: Neo-surreal Floating whales passing levitating tower-island at sun set Contemporary art by Danny Hennesy Sun_Setting_at_Dawn_by_MushroomBrain