bjtvmedia: 1Bible Journey TV - Trailer(1)
Beaniez7: 22 11 12_8429
Beaniez7: Satan Claws aka Santa Claws & Father Christmas, Lol
Truth in science: The pagan origin of Christmas exposed as a lie
Truth in science: The truth about Christmas. The “pagan origins of Christmas” is a myth without historical substance.
Gate Gustafson: Good men [do not go gentle into that good night]
Gate Gustafson: La tentative de l'impossible
Susie Cleveland: God Has Uttered New Words!
Susie Cleveland: Hymns of God's Word | “True Prayer”
Susie Cleveland: Hymns of God's Word | “True Prayer”
Gate Gustafson: High anxiety [Pepper's wonderous stories]
MoparMadman63: 1969, Christmas choir at Elliott elementary in Irving, Texas
MoparMadman63: 1969, old toys and Christmas
MoparMadman63: Christmas from the 1960s
MoparMadman63: 1969, bicycles at Christmas
MoparMadman63: 1969, Christmas at grandparents
MoparMadman63: Christmas of 83
Fabrice T.: Sous mon sapin
DUCKMARX: Christmas Eve Fr Joe
Gate Gustafson: Stir of echoes
DUCKMARX: Merry Christmas!
Truth in science: Christmas Day
fishfish_01: home made christmas wreath
DUCKMARX: Christmas 2015: Mother and Child
DUCKMARX: Christmas 2013: Virgin and Child
DUCKMARX: Christmas 2012: The Holy Family
fishfish_01: Rev Moorsom . christmas day 2010 . st mary's kilmington
fishfish_01: kilmington church,christmas day 2010