ZeeBam: 08.10.20 [007] And I can't fight the way you hypnotize me like you do. I see your eyes and my day starts.. ( You smile and I get sunburned )
bigjimkoolkat: Ode to Hockey Goalies - Montreal, Canada
Bart Barrera: "There is a fountain of youth.. it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age." -Sophia Loren
Andreas Komodromos: Standing by (ambulance) - Chelsea, New York City
Rourkeor: Red floral
lilsin_805: Homeless women in Tarzana
Petoskey Drones: Contre-jour
genelabo: Apo Xeno Topo
Petoskey Drones: Charlevoix, Michigan
Meastrology: LenseTesting6
Meastrology: LenseTesting2
Meastrology: Painted Light #2
Oldtimer -1980: Rauss in die Natur
Oldtimer -1980: Rauss in die Natur
Oldtimer -1980: Rauss in die Natur
millicand79@gmail.com: Unesco World Heritage Site, Ancient Architecture & Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Karnak Temple, Luxor, Arab Republic Of Egypt.
Rosedale7175: 9V-SMF 2018-01-21 AMS 0348
Rosedale7175: PH-AON 2018-01-21 AMS 0374
Rosedale7175: 9V-SMF 2018-01-21 AMS 0349
Iza 222: Never walk alone...
carlo612001: Navigli - Lombardia - Italia
nuboso: Lighthouse
ricky from left field: The docks of Portland, ME
Studio d'Xavier: Behind the Magnolia Motel
Studio d'Xavier: Facial Covering
Studio d'Xavier: Allegory on Life and Death