romeos115: S-E-W-E-R
Mamluke: Volume 55
zen moments: Bark. woof woof
Arclight81: Rust in peace
romeos115: Solar system
zen moments: Fuzzy wisteria seed pods. Hard as a rock.
monokhromov: unknown flowering object
Paulo Villa: V060_MPC 2868
Stonepicker+: Mail Box Detail
Monceau: Leaf disintegrating along its edges
CEZ-ART: …. © Cezary Gapik
Paulo Villa: V068_MPC 3554
Paulo Villa: V068_MPC 3539
neumann.deutschland: Geometric worn out 2
Monceau: Two disintegrating Oak leaves held up to the sun
neumann.deutschland: Geometric worn out
Paulo Villa: V068_MPC 3538
Monceau: Loose bark on a dead tree
neumann.deutschland: Little bit of paint missing