psantavuori: Skoda 110 LS
Sergei_41: Moskvich 412
TinHunter: The Field of Rust: Autobianchi A 111
donkincl: Plymouth Valiant - Hines OR
granada-uwe: Abandoned Ford Escort 1,1 Express, MK III, Mod. 1982
granada-uwe: Abandoned Ford Escort 1.1 Express, MK III, Mod. 1982
night.letters: Abandoned Junkyard.
giulia.massetto: The milk van.
Stollie1: 1971 Alfa Romeo 2000 Berlina DM-27-57
adamkmyers: Vehicles at Big Bend Pizza, Marathon, Texas (2 of 3)
donkincl: Buick Special - Haines OR
Kmille_xplo: Abandoned house
Kmille_xplo: Abandoned car
donkincl: Studebaker Pickup - Abilene TX
James Johnston Photography: Abandoned Ford Model B Coupe Siting in a Dry Creek Bed
donkincl: AMC Pacer and International Travelall - Burns OR
Kekkonen 1900-1986: Toyota Corolla KE10 1966-70
Walt_Felix: IMG_6770.jpg
Sergei_41: Minibus ZIL-118 K
adamkmyers: Vehicles at Big Bend Pizza, Marathon, TX(1 of 3)
Mel Gray: Rusting-away_DSC0044
Mel Gray: Viking-decay_DSC0073
Mel Gray: Strange-garden_DSC0066
Mel Gray: Green-monster_DSC0058
Mel Gray: Glorious-decay_DSC0054
Mel Gray: Flowerpot_DSC9891
Mel Gray: Rusty-Fleetside-truck_DSC9897
Mel Gray: Crazy-in-every-way_DSC0061