DaCosta1: A Bike in the Bushes
what's_the_frequency: •why the long face?•
Bob Comics: Pylons Though The Park
Bob Comics: Bald Tree
jeffstraka49: iPhone 11 Pro downtown Oklahoma City.
Haarnaald: Distorted
IanH.1967: PwC Building
Fabio Cost: Covid diaries - Day 20 / Day 16 - Twentieth and sixteenth day of quarantine. We await the outcome of the covid test. And let's eat couscous and peppers!
vlamas: Fliegenpilz.
noname@spicepod: 118/365
M Shrestha: DSC_0647
Brett T: shielding
borisbschulz2009: Hotel bathroom
hn.: Ifugao Cordillera Administrative Region Philippines Southeast-Asia © Cordilleras Philippinen Südost-Asien ©
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tjn771: PXL_20201025_195439150-1
mangefoto753: View over the Canal
noname@spicepod: 117/365
Fabio Cost: Covid diaries - Day 19 / day 15 - Today my wife and I do the throat swab in this drive-in set up by the health service in a former city asylum. It is located on the green hills, very close to our house.
Fabio Cost: Covid diaries - Day 18 / Day 14 - We have plenty of time for daily cleaning. Although sometimes my face doesn't sparkle much joy. I thank the engineer Dyson for his presence.
alistair.dougal@yahoo.co.uk: The things that divide us
hn.: Frühling Butterblume Bayern Oberbayern © Spring Buttercup Upper Bavaria Germany Europe
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DaCosta1: Lifeguard Stations
DaCosta1: Sand Sneakers