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Сергей Г.: Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Kadashi (Moscow) / Храм Воскресения Христова в Кадашах
-LYJ-: By the Volga River, Russia
Irina Boldina: Protests in Moscow
Sergey Alexandrovitch: Balcony tree
man_from_siberia: Yenisei River in Krasnoyarsk city in evening
Phuketian.S: Happy glider pilot
Phuketian.S: Happy glider pilot
-LYJ-: Inside a water lock, Russia
Ministry: Moscow State University (MGU), Sparrow Hills, Moscow, Russia
pierrelanoe75: Fish in Rostov
pierrelanoe75: Sunset Krim
pierrelanoe75: Market in Rostov
Bernhard Kußmagk: Asien, Russland, Sibirien, Oblast Tomsk, Tomsk, Fruktowyj pereulok, nahe Endhaltestelle Wostotschnaja
nabobswims: Moscow, Russsia: Petrovsky Park metro station, Lines 8A & 11 - Opened 2018
nabobswims: Moscow, Russia: VDNKh Park celebrating Russia's accomplishments in space, Fontan Kamennyy Tsvetok
nabobswims: Moscow, Russia: Church of St Varvara the Great Martyr
-LYJ-: Wrong position, Kremlin of Moscow, Russia
gubanov77: Kolomna (history)
Irina Boldina: Protests in Moscow
pataparat: DSC05423
man_from_siberia: Sunset upon Tom River near Tomsk city
M!FODY: Russian military vehicle
M!FODY: Cathedral of St. Nicholas Bely