shacker: Temmo at Point Isabel
hex1952: PB102590-4
Stu Bo: coyote repellant...
Ed Stoerger / EJS Photos: Mike Flynn from Panama Dead- 11/29/22
Rubem Jr: Lagoa, Rio de Janeiro.
Rubem Jr: Rio de Janeiro: Wonderful City: Tijuca Massif.
epsdude96: In His Place
dleany: Liverpool #17
Joseph C. Hinson Photography: L&C Santa Train 2009 2
spanky the monkey: Spanky with Lana
spanky the monkey: Arches National Park,Utah
spanky the monkey: San Antonia,Texas
richardjack57: White-fronted parrot (Amazona albifrons)
Stu Bo: smoking hot...
Paul R. Sanchez: Independence Pass, Castle Peak, Cathedral Peak
Paul R. Sanchez: Skaftafell
todd ar: Portland Panorama
NinoColetti: Here Comes The Rain Again
rozoneill: There's a sign for me to leave the beach
olwynam1: Whooper Swan family
sallywagnerhale: Providence Canyon State Park
olwynam1: Eurasian Spoonbill
noates: A Quiet Corner
Christian lopez 82: American Airlines/Airbus A321-231(SL)/N128AN
Christian lopez 82: Spirit Airlines/Airbus A320-271'NEO'/N968NK