PSK20: Tawny-edged Skipper
Thomas Muir: Fox Pups Napping
dougshevelow: DSC05386 1
thom polimeros: rain drops
ET Photographic: Hanging Leaves
Wildlife Paparazzi: BWTDIMG_8683-1a
Wildlife Paparazzi: SOIMG_7874-1a
RWDrurey: Night life Red-breasted Merganser
Bradley Winters: _DSC2857-Edit
thom polimeros: Holy Duck !
Bradley Winters: _DSC5226
Thomas Muir: Short-eared owl in a field
RWDrurey: A fire in the sky
billd_48: Backlit seedheads
Bradley Winters: _DSC5156-Edit
Thomas Muir: Fox Pups Standing Outside Den
PSK20: Stability
jamison42166: The "Spot"
David Clippinger: Tufted Titmouse Creative Posing
Thomas Muir: Vixen Licking Nose with Pup
tammy_grooms: Mr. Blue Blue Bird
tammy_grooms: "Hello"
billd_48: Cuyahoga River bank
Wildlife Paparazzi: SOIMG_7950-1a
Thom Sheridan: Stone Walled
PSK20: Fixated