Gudzwi: Standing in a row. And what did happen?
hallbæck: 6M7A7800
siliconportal: IMG_4680
bootpainter: Half A Dozen
Florian106: Sieben Ostereier am Ostermontag. #flickrfriday #seven
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photozaki: Surprise!
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losy: 3 eggs
Rosmarie Voegtli: at the marketplace
Anne-Miek Bibbe: HUEVOS || EGGS || EIEREN
Fabio Polimadei: Happy Easter
photozaki: "The eggle has landed"
photos4dreams: got an egg in my pocket
susacu: Two eggs ?
Rosmarie Voegtli: patience
francois 069: L’œuf ... tellement féminin -3-
susacu: Harmony.......
auntneecey: eggs and oaths are easily broken
belincs: 77/365 & MM - E for Egg
mluisa_: Dieci calici di cristallo e un uovo d'oca
Bluesrose: after breakfast [mostly off]: Illusion of Safety (Darker Version)
photozaki: Egg Knock.....