Peter Schüler: auf der Reeperbahn mittags um 12
classic_film: 1969 Ad, Weaver Airline Personnel School, Pretty Brunette Airline Employee
classic_film: 1969 Beauty Ad, Clairol Beauty Pack Conditioner for Hair, Man & Blonde Woman
Peter Schüler: Advertising
classic_film: 1969 Ad, Scatter Perm with Hair Styling Tips, Three Lovely Models (2 pages)
classic_film: 1958 Ad, Fram Automobile Service, Man & Woman in Car, "Take Five!"
classic_film: 1969 Ad, Nursing Career Academy, Pretty Female Nurse
classic_film: 1958 Ad, Simpson Hardwood Decor for Home, "Sound Conditioning", Dinner Party
classic_film: Illustrated 1942 Ad, Durkee's Famous Dressing, Pretty Housewife, Recipe Booklet Offer
classic_film: Illustrated 1942 Ad, Airway Coffee, WWII
classic_film: 1942 Food Ad, Libbys Fruit Cocktail, "Fine Fruits"
classic_film: 1942 Ad, Renuzit Home Dry Cleaner, Upset Housewife
classic_film: 1942 Ad, Nu-Made Mayonnaise, Contest (2 pages)
classic_film: 1975 Parliament Cigarettes Ad
classic_film: 1969 Ad, Summer Blonde Hair Lightener Kit by Clairol, Seductive Blonde Model
classic_film: Illustrated WWII 1942 Ad, Canterbury Tea, Time to Serve, Three Women at Sewing Machine for War Effort Service Party
classic_film: 1942 Ad, Sierra Pine Toilet Soap, Pretty Woman Taking Shower
classic_film: Illustrated 1942 Food Ad, Libby's Tomato Juice, "Nutrition Guards"
classic_film: 1969 Ad, Daisy Doodler Pens
classic_film: 1969 Ad, Morgan/Shane Dream-Line Figure Molding Program, Young Brunette Women
classic_film: 1958 Food Ad, Sunshine Krispy Saltines, Flaky-Thin Crackers, with Serving Tips (2 pages)
classic_film: 1969 Fashion Ad, Zodiac Birthstone Ring, Visual Discoveries
classic_film: 1958 Ad, Curtis Circulation Co, Mineralite Bowling Ball Offer
classic_film: 1958 Ad, Universal Vacuum Bottles & Lunch Kits
classic_film: 1972 Ad, Gold Magic Fragrant Shaving Powder
Peter Schüler: Things go better with Coca Cola
izmirde tabela: berber-bayan-kuafor-salon-kaplama-tabela-cesitleri-reklam-giydirme-cephe-kaplama
classic_film: 1963 Fashion Ad, National Bellas Hess Spring & Summer Fashion Style Catalog, Pretty Models
classic_film: 1952 Food, Variety of Kraft Salad Dressings (2 pages)
classic_film: Illustrated 1952 Food Ad, Contadina Concentrated Tomato Paste with Free Recipe Booklet Offer, Pretty Housewife