Jason 87030: St.Catherine
kirstiecat: Her Education is Worth Fighting For
nxlutz in[TO]: APAD: Small Business Owner
ashabot: Swami on the road to Plato's Academy - Athens, Greece
Minukhin: Photograper's at work
Chico195: Ot There
Chico195: DSC_6303
Andrew Allan Jpn: Kyoto Street Portrait
ashabot: London — fox and squirrel
Chico195: DSC_6164
retiredNpoor: A close call...(true story)
Chico195: Doe or Fawn?
Rich Levine: Channeling Regrets
~ Laura Mohiuddin ~: Nirbhaya - India's Daughter
~ Laura Mohiuddin ~: Nirbhaya - India's Daughter
kirstiecat: 2019: I March , 2027: I Vote
Bashiir Ahammed: Obey her, worship her, love her. She is the red goddess!
~ Laura Mohiuddin ~: Silent torture behind closed doors
Skippy Beresford: Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.
~ Laura Mohiuddin ~: The Grieving Mother - 6
Chico195: Accident Victim