peteruitz7: DSCF6881 XE1
wavz13: Will the REAL Pete Levy please stand up! Remember the "To Tell The Truth" TV show where 3 contestants claimed to be the same person. I took a photo of Pete, had two copies made and glued them to a cardboard backing to create masks for a Halloween party.
tmurphyphoto: It’s pronounced “bir-r-r-d”
peteruitz7: DSCF6851 XE1
lenelenka: sunrise
Fancy E: Purple Haze
Fancy E: Purple Haze
Fancy E: Purple Haze
Fancy E: Purple Haze
Fancy E: Purple Haze
suster.dusan: unassembled
john_fobes: Lumen Print 1832 Maple Leavws by John Fobes: copyrighted all rights reserved.
tmurphyphoto: The Tingler
☘️ Patrick Ireland ☘️: 4. My Heart Is Yours 私の心は、あなたのものです
peteruitz7: DSCF6855 XE1
tmurphyphoto: The Sun also Rises
suster.dusan: questions
suster.dusan: rain gets in
☘️ Patrick Ireland ☘️: 2. Ascent of the Rōnin 浪人
Casihumano: Feria dream
Bamboo Barnes - Artist.Com: Rapture-2/ objects built by Theda Tammas
tmurphyphoto: Untitled # 8
☘️ Patrick Ireland ☘️: 1. Emergence of the Rōnin 浪人
leo.roos: Distorted Flektogon 4
Steve.D.Hammond.: Locusts Of Oppositions.
james eugene frank: Murder Most Foul
nalvarezpr: la pesca