iansimpson17: Omniscope industrial goodness colour
iansimpson17: Bluewater food court roof omniscope
Jondr: 6x17
Jondr: 6x17 vermeer pinhole
brandon 50: Kodalith Anamorphic Pinhole
brandon 50: Anamorphic Pinhole -Kodalith
noduhs: Anamorphic seltzer can pinhole solargraph
Graeme Pow: All That Remains
cedricmuscat: Two Different Obscura Cameras
micalngelo: Sugar Mountain
Seb Farges Anamorphic: Angenieux enlarging lens with Iscorama
James Harr's Photos: Anamorphic Pinhole
micalngelo: The Space In My Head
G-A-P: MinderBender-5
Daphnesalbums: Street corner
Daphnesalbums: living room
micalngelo: Silent Night
batuda: April forest
Paco Casado Cepas: Centro CAT
Paco Casado Cepas: Torres urbanas
batuda: Independence Restoration Day
micalngelo: Pedal To The Metal vermeer anamorphic pinhole/fomapan 100 Moersch Lith/foma 123 30x40cm selenium toned