Roger Gazineu: Vernazza
Doom vs: Everyway's The Same Old Color, Black And Grey
Roger Gazineu: Vernazza
carlos_ar2000: Luces y sombras
Doom vs: Gudsforladt
JcP_LookinG: Vieux couple ariégeois.
Tony Tooth: Lathkill
Msimplepleasure: IMG_0030-2
Hunter's Photo Page: Dali sculpture and London Eye
Andrew James Howe: Buttermere / Lake District. UK
Kein Grund: Playground......
IanAWood: PBWA Chorleywood
IWCharters: Christmas Markets
IWCharters: Coffee
IWCharters: Christmas Markets
mr_m_tom: I'm no weatherman but that could be the sun!
Jake Q: Herdsman of the sea.
iSmiff: P1140070
JcP_LookinG: Contrejour déserté. Mont Saint-Michel.
Ger208k: Stepping Beyond (Thanks for 3Mio views): Irish Rob | The Exploited
wyrd bið ful aræd: Hand in Hand
claudiadea131: high waves in Venice
shleebz: Sizilien
Juan Valdecantos: Fuego sobre la Avenida - Fire over avenue.
Rialto67: Tutzing
Izzy Hung: IMG_1495-2
ennioxx: My lucky day
iSmiff: Foul on TV