Dav_19: ▓▒..just me..▒▓
mcurpine: The town clock
mcurpine: Two riders were approaching...
Rose-Marie Lescure: Clarika en concert
Rose-Marie Lescure: Clarika en concert
Brian Howell: Eric Clapton X CrossRoads
Brian Howell: The Blonde Boys
Life Imperfect: 011020 - FUTAB With Neil Peart
alan.l.woodhead: Bangers and Mash
hollertree: Somewhere out of a memory Of lighted streets on quiet nights... thank you, Neal Peart
Rose-Marie Lescure: Concert Michel Portal à la salle Nougaro le 9 janvier 2020
Sallanches 1964: 168 The Long And Winding Road
Dav_19: ▓▒..Cyberpunk..▒▓
Sallanches 1964: 1244 Long Haired Lady
moremare: Il Pozzo dei desideri
Dav_19: ▓▒..**! Happy New Year** !..▒▓
BITH*: Show of Hands
fillzees: Drummers
Brian Howell: Jim Morrison The Doors
Brian Howell: The Doors - L.A. Woman
moremare: jambo bwana
Fancy E: Nobody Knows Which Street to Take
fillzees: Elton ?
Betty Rogan: Daydreamer
Meta Lands: Metaxourgeio Connects With the World/Himalayas
Brian Howell: Somewhere Over The Rainbow ~ IZ
Brian Howell: Blue Birds Fly ~ IZ 🎶
moremare: I want you to be happy, more and more...
Brian Howell: See Me Feel Me - The Who
Brian Howell: Can't Find My Way Home