Brian Howell: The Doors - L.A. Woman
moremare: jambo bwana
Fancy E: Nobody Knows Which Street to Take
fillzees: Elton ?
Betty Rogan: Daydreamer
Meta Lands: Metaxourgeio Connects With the World/Himalayas
Brian Howell: Somewhere Over The Rainbow ~ IZ
Brian Howell: Blue Birds Fly ~ IZ 🎶
moremare: I want you to be happy, more and more...
Brian Howell: See Me Feel Me - The Who
Brian Howell: Can't Find My Way Home
Sallanches 1964: 104 Come Down In Time
pg tips2: Be running up that hill (a deal with God)
moremare: Alta marea
Brian Howell: IRON BUTTERFLY in-a-gadda-da-vida
Brian Howell: Lady Blue - Leon Russell
cassandi: Waiting for the Night
moremare: Generazione Netflix
moremare: Where do the children play
Brian Howell: Yeha Noha
moremare: And one promise you made, one promise that always remains, no matter the price, a promise to survive
Jer*ry: A message
moremare: Se io fossi...
moremare: Like A Virgin
Mississippi Snopes: 2012 - 06 - 23 - Watching the Detectives
Dav_19: ▓▒..somewhere better..▒▓
moremare: Intruder... blind to every eye he meets
moremare: Baby we were born to run
moremare: Time is passing...