JimDodgePhotography: Through the Evening Haze
Gary L. Quay: Crown Point, Nov 2016
Gary L. Quay: Lewis and Clark Park, Troutdale, Oregon
zircon100: SIRT - 4
rozoneill: Now commences the marsh portion of the hike
solimages1: Autumn sunset over Willamette River
pete4ducks: Mt Hood
Masako Metz: Sunset on November 28th
Gary Randall: Overflowing Punchbowl
docoverachiever: Riverfront Park View
arthuralex: IMG_2077a Swan Island and Downtown Portland OR
TierraCosmos: Mount Bachelor Sunset
piranhabros: Layers
rozoneill: Raindrops keep falling on my head...
dave dube': Moon rise
piranhabros: Top of the fog
piranhabros: Washington and Jefferson
Gary L. Quay: The HCRH at Mosier, Oregon
Ulrich Burkhalter: Fog/Nebel/Brouillard
piranhabros: Golden path at the golden hour
The Gidinski: The Orchard
JimDodgePhotography: Silver Creek Falls in Late Summer
Rich Barger: DSC00913F
TravelBakerCounty: Baker County Tourism – basecampbaker.com 6744
rozoneill: The rain makes hills green, apparently
zircon100: SIRT - 23
rockneverdies: _54A9144