JimDodgePhotography: Jet Contrails Streak the Summer Sky
Just-a-Song: rainfall upon Oregon
piranhabros: Nightfall
paul.barden: Voigtlander Trees No. 2
arthuralex: IMG_0310a a view of Swan Island industrial park, Portland OR
rozoneill: View to the many cones surrounding Crater Lake
Masako Metz: stranded...
Desert Sun Images: The Painted Hills
paul.barden: Voigtlander Trees No. 01
paul.barden: Roots Study 2020, No. 26
Gary L. Quay: Seeing the Heat at Rowena, Oregon
TravelBakerCounty: Baker County Tourism – www.travelbakercounty.com 62928
Masako Metz: Driving Through The Forest Road
Gary L. Quay: Mount Hood from the Dee Highway, Infrared
Matt Straite Photography: Together alone at Avlord
docoverachiever: Turbulent Seas
JimDodgePhotography: North and Middle Sister
Masako Metz: Hold on tight!
docoverachiever: I can breathe again!
JimDodgePhotography: Crater Lake on a Late May Morning
Ron J. Miller: Downtown Newberg
Matt Straite Photography: Abiqua reflections, again
JimDodgePhotography: Reflecting on Smith Rock
Gary L. Quay: Little Butte, Pine Grove, Oregon