☼☼Jo Zimny☼☼: Turkey Vulture Feather
taylorconcepts1960: Flight Horizon
Lara.C.: Hope is the feather that reminds us we have wings
lellipix: Feather
lellipix: Down
lellipix: Fronds
Jehanne SBX: L'indécision... Souffler de ce côté ci.
LauraSorrells: feathery
haesy: winter feather
Phil*ippe: Feather with drops
jrussell.1916: Autumn Feather, Tiny Drop & Shadow
Jean-Philippe Parisella: 45-52-Balance des blancs fluorescent
jrussell.1916: Lone Feather Of Autumn
Gary_Sharp: P9132117
jrussell.1916: Illuminated Dew Drenched Drifter
Lara.C.: Watching You
Suzanne's stream: Bussard feather
Lara.C.: Light As A Feather
wanderview: Fallen Feather
The Rustic Frog: Caught On A Breeze
Geo Scouter: Lonely feather flowing with the current.
blende11_250tel: Papageienfeder
leavingorbit: Wet, wet, wet
birdsetcetera: Tiny Feather
birdsetcetera: White Feather
cliiiche: Vague plume