barneskent: Pause for Refreshment
barneskent: Drawing a line in the sand
barneskent: Wild Stallion Chase
barneskent: Wild Herd Headed to Water
barneskent: Head Hugging Stallions
barneskent: Different colors, same appetites!
barneskent: Wild Horse Family
barneskent: Bite Fight
barneskent: Dance Fighting
barneskent: Prepping for a Clash
barneskent: Clash of the Desert Titans
barneskent: Desert Knockdown
barneskent: Paint Mare and Colt
barneskent: Painted Pals
barneskent: Thirsty Three Amigos
barneskent: Bright eyed and bushy tailed
barneskent: Relishing Every Drop
barneskent: White Knight’s Wild Stallion
Beached Paws Photography: Assateague Horses
barneskent: Words of Encouragement
barneskent: Telling Secrets to Mom
barneskent: Gray Mare in the Summer Grasses
barneskent: Mom's Kiss
barneskent: Stallion Stink Eye
barneskent: A tight little group in the herd
barneskent: Loving Colt and Mare
barneskent: Rolling Thunder
barneskent: Head Hugs
barneskent: Nuzzling Friends
barneskent: Wild Stallion and His Wild Mane