leo.roos: Bench in interstellar overdrive
man_from_siberia: Supermarket Lenta
leo.roos: Vertigo
leo.roos: It grabs you by the throat
leo.roos: The patina of old brass
leo.roos: Amaryllis upside down
Steve J Makin: 10th October 2020
Pexpix: Joss Sticks at Che Kung Temple
leo.roos: A flag for fall
leo.roos: Urban fall
leo.roos: At the crossroads
Octavio Morán: 2020-10-03_02-53-15
Pexpix: Purple Clay Teapots
leo.roos: Entwined
leo.roos: Chairs
leo.roos: Bokeh cop
leo.roos: Brothers shot
leo.roos: Colourful
leo.roos: Blue bamboo
leo.roos: Limit No Fuss
leo.roos: Fluffy
CourtLux: Leica M2 7Artisans f 1.1 @ 1.1
CourtLux: 7Artisans 1.1 50 mm @ 1.1
leo.roos: Drawbridge to Bokehistan
leo.roos: White posts
leo.roos: Dutch landscape