MrAndyCake: This tree
garry q: The mist and the tree
chrisinplymouth: open spaces
garry q: so Bare
dutyhog: The Old Schoolhouse, Kilmory Knap
dutyhog: Winter Tree
dutyhog: Kilmory Knap Tree
dutyhog: Beach Tree
dutyhog: Tree at Skipness Castle, Kintyre
Ody on the mount: When the Day ends...
CatClick16: Loch Ba, Rannoch Moor
CatClick16: Dalkeith Country Park
Ody on the mount: The Tree's Horizon...
Ody on the mount: The Calm before the Storm II...
MrAndyCake: The loneliness of
Ody on the mount: Disruption...
Bregalis: Resolute
salparadise666: Leinemasch 2
Northern Pike: Bald eagle's roost
morton5844: The Roaring Forties, Otago Harbour, New Zealand
morton5844: Lake Bonney, Barmera, South Australia
morton5844: Sometimes the wind blows strong, Granite Island, Victor Harbor, South Australia
Phlips photos: Tree on Bryn Golau, Nannerch area, N/Wales, UK, 2020.
gaelicsoul: Winskill pavement
Bregalis: Wild Bonsai 2
PGKreling: 5 februari #dagboek2020 #diary2020
paul graunke: Sycamore
debbiejardine: A Grey Day