nightmareck: Siewierz
thebeardedgroundsman: Puy-de-Domes
Jorge Franganillo: Chernobyl
thebeardedgroundsman: 10:10 AM - Lapland
Dawg Gone: Out of the darkness.
amandyg: Foggy Morning on the Backroads
Dawg Gone: General Store
thebeardedgroundsman: When the road goes nowhere
thebeardedgroundsman: Crossing a pass
thebeardedgroundsman: High rd or Low rd?
thebeardedgroundsman: Iceland's ring road
thebeardedgroundsman: It must go somewhere
thebeardedgroundsman: New road creates ghost town?
thebeardedgroundsman: Road through Kraftla
thebeardedgroundsman: Road to the North west
thebeardedgroundsman: Crossing a wilderness
thebeardedgroundsman: Myvatn high road
thebeardedgroundsman: Road to the highlands
thebeardedgroundsman: Heading towards Krafla
thebeardedgroundsman: Warning signs
thebeardedgroundsman: Early morning ski trail - Yllas
thebeardedgroundsman: - eastern highlands - Iceland
thebeardedgroundsman: East coast road - Iceland