Gerald (Wayne) Prout: Timmins Fire Department
Gerald (Wayne) Prout: Loralee's Hair & Beauty Salon and Mi Casa Fashions
Murmelmicha: 20299.Glücksbringer Kleeblatt
Murmelmicha: 20287.Waldameisen zoom
Gerald (Wayne) Prout: Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura)
Gerald (Wayne) Prout: The Working Class Tavern
Gerald (Wayne) Prout: The Timmins Daily Press
johnmcochran2012: Front window view
PTR: la belle
D J England: Another view from the water - 2020-07-08
Paul Comstock: Opus 40
D J England: Wary Poser
HW062: Zwergflamingo, Zoo Aschersleben.
rich_new_mexico: IMG_2181_16_12
D J England: Heron Pair
PTR: joint
sturkster: Helicopter
Trevor Durritt: Car and Boat, Bideford, Devon, England IMG_0062
balese13: La cathédrale Saint-Étienne de Bourges
johnmcochran2012: Baby hopper
InnAtElmwood: Tahoe gridlock on Hwy 50 west, July 4th weekend
Murmelmicha: 20286.Waldameisen
Murmelmicha: 20285.Bartnelke
Murmelmicha: 20284.Dianthus barbatus
rich_new_mexico: IMG_1568_800 Lunch
D J England: front row seat
Gerald (Wayne) Prout: Chapel Altar
Gerald (Wayne) Prout: St Paul's Anglican Church
Paul Comstock: Thang Thang