Steve.D.Hammond.: The Waitress At The Local Haunt.
Steve.D.Hammond.: Buzzards Table.
nomm de photo: T.I.A.s
dannyhennesy: quintette of Daltonism Skeletal Zombie Undead specters doomed Never to be redeemed lost_souls_by_mushroombrain-d2xlytq
dannyhennesy: Leather Man George saving the blond virgin in the castle guarded by the Dragoness (Danny Hennesy) LeatherMan_Geroge____by_MushroomBrain
Werner Ustorf: Transition Man
r0sejam: 20201122_Melina_08
r0sejam: 20201122_Melina_07
Steve.D.Hammond.: Charles Mingus
brancusi7: Lonesome Cowboy In Search Of Meaning
BrianDavidDowns: "I love the living you, I love everything that you do, you flatter everything that's is hot and cold is cold, I love you"/"crooked is the path of eternity"
Steve.D.Hammond.: Jurisdiction.
brancusi7: Lives Of The Saints * (Halloween Withdrawal)
dannyhennesy: Keith Flints surreal Morning coffee by Danny hennesy aProx. 2010?keith_flints_surreal_morning_tea_by_mushroombrain-d2xwhi1
hedshot: Elemental #203: Beach on Venus.
dannyhennesy: an ancient Fiend from the past serves me a foreshadow of my incinerating Hellfire Sulfur Catharsis resurrection (Psychedelic mystique art)
nomm de photo: All Dressed Up and ....
r0sejam: 20201122_Melina_01
r0sejam: 20201122_Melina_04
Steve.D.Hammond.: Predicaments.
Margareta Stark (Mingeling): Acrylic on canvas
nomm de photo: Glacial Retreat
dannyhennesy: fake_illusionism_art_by_mushroombrain-d3g5iqh non-painting hyperrealism artwork By Danny Hennesy
Steve.D.Hammond.: Dainty Airs.
daniel scott steven: Goodnight House
dannyhennesy: Candy In the Skies Revisited Acidic Trip in the form of Shapes and Visual Color (arbstract contemporary PaintinG)
nomm de photo: Waiting to Work Again