Dave 5533: Montpellier Snake attacks Monk parakeet
lennycarl08: Coyote 162
David Brooker: Black eyed Bearded reedling
David Brooker: Up the tree
John Tymon: Yellow Legged Gull
DeniseKImages: Meercat Family at Sunset
DeniseKImages: Meercats at Sundown
DeniseKImages: Hiding in Plain Sight
DeniseKImages: Early Morning Reconnaissance
Didier Schürch: Chardonneret élégant (Carduelis carduelis) (83)
www.endlessfields.ch: Cinclus cinclus
Ramalakshmi Rajan: " Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness."_ Desmond Tutu
Sinnassamy ( Michel ) Louis: Juvenile Eurasian blackcap / Juvénile Fauvette à tête noire
Paul..A: Whooper Swan
androjer.pv: Athene cunicularia
redmanian: Another day, another place, another Wheatear........
Patrick Monney: Hirondelle de fenêtre - Fribourg/CH_20160731_223
Bernard Fabbro: héron cendré / Ardea cinerea 19E_2046 o
Fred Roe: Royalty on the march
Tim Lumley: Bighorn Ram
KeithDavies777: Peregrine falcon
Timothy Hastings: Moving On - awake after a restful nap high in the treetop, it’s time to move on and perhaps find a snack - she did peek inside that big Hamerkop nest on the way out, though. ‘Found it empty, so onward to the dinner quest!
ReiK@n: Whooper swans ready for the autumn migration.
Ettore Guarnaroli: Lasiommata megera
Gary Watson: Little beauty...
Gary Watson: Seed search...