sdttds: DSC_2561_Yellow-fronted bumblebee on lavender crop
Peter_Conzelmann: solarized shutters
Peter_Conzelmann: dinner is served v2
sdttds: DSC_0665_European wool carder bee
maong2009: Manila cable puzzle
Gary dpi: Yellow Stripes White Line
Peter_Conzelmann: limited view
sdttds: IMG_9604_Pacific Clubtail (Phanogomphus kurilis, formerly Gomphus kurilis) #1 on a pink rose
sdttds: IMG_0676_Stone Canyon jasper detail
Gary dpi: Lines Meet
Rainer M. Ritz: Abends am Wald
guenther_haas: Burning down the house
Peter_Conzelmann: closed gate
Chris 531: 250 Majesty Yamaha
Michel 67: Norton Commando Roadster 750cc OHV
Paul Coene: Begonia 2019-04R
Gary dpi: Yellow almost meets White
Gary dpi: STEP
Gary dpi: Yellow Bits
Peter_Conzelmann: Blacksmith
Gary dpi: Floor Fixed
Rock Water: Conundrum
Gary dpi: Yellow Wall with Window
Gary dpi: Road Leaf
sdttds: IMG_0367_California King Snake (Lampropeltis getula californiae)