incognito7nyc: Sherman Memorial in Grand Army Plaza 5th Ave E59 St near Central Park & The Plaza Hotel Manhattan New York City NY P00776 DSC_2061
Kofla Olivieri: Al Capone's Prison Cell
Yavapai Man: MLK Sunrise
chris murkin: Washington Union Station located in Washington DC
smillsishere: Jan 09 2021 New Year Orchid (blooming)
paul.monty9r: Lagan Weir Foot Bridge Belfast Northern Ireland.
Yann Mulero: Oyster Bay Serenity
The Jacobite: Last resting "Plaice"
__Tobias__: Jakobuskappelle, Menne
Le Photiste: Buick Super Sedanet Lowrider 1949 (1060548)
Le Photiste: Singer Nine Sports 1933 (6121)
chris murkin: Niagara Falls Niagara River in New York State
The Jacobite: Torosay Castle and Gardens
d.s.r1: Silhouette
m@rkjs: Sit
m@rkjs: Friskney Church
Gekko2020: THE CATCH .
Zack Huggins: Collin
Zack Huggins: Quarter Bar
Anna M. Sky: out of style
Hammerton Photography: Come, Drink With Me ...
EssGee Photography™: After The End Of The Anthropocene Era
Yasu Torigoe: Stairway to wineceller (restrooms): Unique interior architecture of Hotel Copernicus in Old Town Krakow, Poland. 678a
Garys_view: Working On A Built In For An Attic Office Pittsburgh PA
G.K.Jnr.: Wooden Walkway (2)-03506
MayorPaprika: Mistaken Derivation - Bijou Planks 18/365
আবির: Somapura Mahavihara
john_trefonen: IMG_20210118_111537_DxO