Maddalena Malfara: If only we could talk.
HereInVancouver: Reading in the Clover
4 Pete Seek: Flying Away
richardjack57: Stellar Jay (Cyanocitta stelleri)
TravelsWithDan: An Artist and a Fan - Lucca, Italy
張青: Monaco
MayorPaprika Semi-Away: FIERCE - Bijou Planks 109/365
denisbin: Clare South Australia. The Art Nouveau style former AMP Society building constructed in 1917. Heritage listed because of the Art Nouveau features.
Joao Eduardo Figueiredo: Albandeira Beach Sunset – Algarve, Portugal
Joao Eduardo Figueiredo: Rajasthan - India
Mick Phillips Photography.: Soren Larsen in Sydney
richardjack57: Haida Gwaii Museum
indipeti: New Lens?
maggiolonegiallo: People 142
Marc Petersen: Novice winter
Nick Burwell: A Walk to the City
thescooterrider: Urban Decay
Будни Железных Дорог: Маневровый тепловоз ТГМ4А-2578 резервом на перегоне Заднепровская/Луполово.
Romain DANIEL: fairy tales at sunrise
Mark McKie Photography: Sunset at the loch.
silvinodasilvaphotography: Sunsent and Seascape in Cabo Mondego. Figueira da Foz, Coimbra. Portugal
Peter Camyre: Tumbler
m@rkjs: More rows