Images by Vince: the end of a life cycle
BoydM2012: Snail on reed
Gianna Fou.: Από τα πέρατα της γης φέραν της φωτιάς οι μάγοι...
qrmtrini: Libra
magdalena203: red rowan
Third_Son: Tiny Dancer
BoydM2012: The Group Hug
Andreas Komodromos: Autumn Colors - Madison Square Park, New York City
wjaachau: Eye catching Orange Coneflowers
Anthony Patrick Greenan: Miraflores de la Sierra. Spain.
phamle61_68: 0Y2A4079-1
Andrey.Illarionov: 2013_0503-0128
BoydM2012: The confrontation
BoydM2012: Standing out from the crowd
BoydM2012: Family group
BoydM2012: Caught in the act!
BoydM2012: The obliging fly
keps.kepler: Long-Tailed Tit
BoydM2012: In a damp, shady corner. 3
BoydM2012: Could this be a Chanterelle?
Andreas Komodromos: Freedom Tower behind Autumn colors - New York City
paul graunke: Piers of old road bridge.
tombrewster6154: IMG_4380