"Jerry" Newman: Sunflowers on the Nebraska prairie
"Jerry" Newman: Yesterday
"Jerry" Newman: Rested and ready
Richard Meares: shut up shop
BillsExplorations: when we walked in fields of gold....
Old Chum 1: Front to Back
Richard Meares: King Country dilapidation
Wild Country Photos: Beaver Dam House
Wild Country Photos: Harvest Is Over
OutdoorMonkey: Suisnish shepherd's house
leavesandpuddles: Hill House
Mudplugga: No longer home.
Image ANAlogy: Intoxicated Ricochet
BillsExplorations: ruin and rust....
BillsExplorations: the final harvest...
"Jerry" Newman: I'll leave the light on for you.
30fordmodela: Carlson Farm Granary, Carlisle MN
"Jerry" Newman: Honey, I'm home!
"Jerry" Newman: HWW barely visible
OutdoorMonkey: Amnodd Bwll farmhouse
Gary R. Smith: Moorish Monolithish
Gary R. Smith: Wall#30
Gary R. Smith: Howley hall (rems)
Uncle Bicycle: Farmhouse