Mike-Lee: Opps glove blown off..
Mike-Lee: The Barrel Inn..
Mike-Lee: Best of both worlds!
twogiraffe: Wish You Well
Mike-Lee: Myers Lane..
D-W-J-S: New Market Activity
tedesco57: Rochester, Two Post Alley, just off the High Street
klh1332: Sunday Drive Through Tall Trees
klh1332: On The Road
Mike-Lee: Woodhead Bridge..
anescient: callitsnooked
anescient: markbooked
anescient: bonushike
D-W-J-S: Dhaka Railway Lines
tereslene: josh19
medic1photography: Mountain Curve
medic1photography: Summit Drive
Mike-Lee: Popped out for a stroll and cuppa..
Steve O'Day: Winding Roads of Tennessee
Mike-Lee: Left the bike and ran up the hill!
Mike-Lee: Edale Road from Mam Tor.. 12 picture stitch..
Mike-Lee: Love that snaking road!
Mike-Lee: Near High Bradfield.. (5 picture stitch)
Mike-Lee: Near High Bradfield..
Mike-Lee: Picture of two halves..
Mike-Lee: Heading up to Mam Tor..
tereslene: FourMileRoadCO
medic1photography: Rural Highway
D-W-J-S: Lisbon Number 28 Tram