isaacullah: Quack quack.
David-Gordon: Calabasas Cold Creek Trail
David-Gordon: Wayside Canyon Road
Atascaderocoachsam: That Will Be My Fish And Thank You!
rollie rodriguez: White Crowned Sparrow, Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve, Los Angeles, California
_Veit_: Hunting: Snowy Egret
_Veit_: Perched: Kinglet
Jolita Kievišienė: Death Valley National Park, California
henrybech: Heading Home After a Long Day of Adventure in Death Valley
dcnelson1898: Sand Hill Crane Dance
madrones: Sunrise at Mobius Arch
_Veit_: Calling out!
_Veit_: Hunting: Snowy Egret
Michael Carl: Living Stone
spicysquid1: House Finch !
spicysquid1: Great Blue Heron !
BudCat14/Ross: The Light in the Forest
Bob Gunderson: Lesser Goldfinch
David-Gordon: Carrizo Ridge
mark brueckman: Found object, San Pablo Bay
mark brueckman: San Pablo Bay, California
Dave_Lawrence: Northern Shoveler---Spatula clypeata
Dave_Lawrence: Oak Titmouse---Baeolophus inornatus
marlin harms: Ahnfeltiopsis linearis, Flattened Ahnfelt's Seaweed & Beach Reflection
marlin harms: Bossiella dichotoma with Reproductive Conceptacles
David Assmann: Brown Pelican
_Veit_: Takeoff: Night Heron