Nathan_Arrington: Laurel Hill 889
A.Koponen: moment in time.
rosch2012: Morning at the lake
katy1279: The cyclist
Grzesiek.: Doodles in the sky
brucetopher: Patterns - Above and Below
velenux: Framed by the sun
velenux: 20191002-053738_d63d64eed4e2a978a973de819c5e534809d6e3d485b19f281a547b4bea705837-84959ff15937aa50ea9b9f40a8cd5315_1080
hjuengst: Truly beautiful lake - crystal clear water.
_ SZS _: Clouds
_ SZS _: Lines
_ SZS _: Time for reflection
Andy Stones: Doing things by half
Laetitia SAUNE: Cloudy skies
ScottinMississauga: OK. I'm Sorry (B&W)
raulboza1: CONTRALUZ.
Bridgemarker Tim: West Okement River North Dartmoor
Cristina 63: Magico cielo con pecorelle...
SorinNechita: The two of them
Waddellz: Fall Sunset
michael301187: The Forth Road Bridge
metrisk: Islands in the mist
metrisk: Saltwick
dadiolli: schesaplana talblick [II]
Kees Couwenberg: Zonsondergang
Boris Kukushkin: The open door / Открытая дверь
Cyril Second: Desserte Fret de Saint Chély d'Apcher (48)
Arttu Uusitalo: Fall colors
rod1691: O'Side Beach Sunrise 17-10-17-19
mediocre: Low tide