Anders Österberg: Going by Metro Paris
streetspirit13: The woman with red gloves
streetspirit13: Unknown metro
philoufr: Up & Down
streetspirit13: Gens de Marseille
streetspirit13: People in the subway.
philoufr: Dans les entrailles de la Ville
juanmmolera: DSC06460
juanmmolera: 2019-11-02_08-32-04
juanmmolera: 2019-11-07_11-24-12
streetspirit13: Métro Marseillais
streetspirit13: Métro Marseillais
juanmmolera: 2019-11-08_11-14-58
streetspirit13: Grosse fatigue.
dangaken: New York City Subway
streetspirit13: The greatest suffering is to be alone, not to feel loved, to have no one. Mother Teresa
streetspirit13: 😁
streetspirit13: Waiting for the metro.
streetspirit13: Reading news. 📰
streetspirit13: I am tired I'm tired of being tired I am disgusted I can barely get up I am tired I am exhausted I do not want anything anymore Except maybe tomorrow ...
streetspirit13: J’ai retrouvé mon flingue, Il était dans mes rimes, attention je déglingue, je dégomme, je décime ...Renaud.
dangaken: Red Line
dangaken: Addison
streetspirit13: Face to face.
streetspirit13: Métro, boulot... Et hop ! une photo 📷
Beau Finley: Metro Center
streetspirit13: "Explore" We are beautiful we are pretty Ankylosed submitted under the kilos of calories We're screwed we eat too much We're screwed we eat too much.
dangaken: Clinton Blue Line
streetspirit13: Through the window 👀