James Marvin Phelps: Standing Guard
James Marvin Phelps: Head Turner
stunningpromotions: Alyssa Roach at Washoe Lake with SheFvckinBad
Gay-in-Spandex: Desert Sunset
Gay-in-Spandex: Desert Sunset
James Marvin Phelps: Summer Sunset
You have failed me for the last time Jim: 02469376422735-115-19-08-Rust Bucket in the Mojave Desert-8-Black and White
James Marvin Phelps: Stare Down
stunningpromotions: Oli Luna at Kings Beach in Inclune Village modeling for SheFvckinBad.com
James Marvin Phelps: Cooper's Hawk
Gay-in-Spandex: Early Evening
James Marvin Phelps: Burrowing Owl
James Marvin Phelps: Burrowing Owls
Gay-in-Spandex: Rad Bike Tourer
Gay-in-Spandex: Rad Bike Tourer
Gay-in-Spandex: Saint Christopher Episcopal Church
Gay-in-Spandex: St. Christopher Episcopal Church
Gay-in-Spandex: Evening Panorama
wolflett1: Catch me if you can
reserves13: hate is not new
You have failed me for the last time Jim: 02469376422699-115-19-08-Mojave Desert Hare-3
James Marvin Phelps: Cloudscape
Gay-in-Spandex: Abandoned Mine
wolflett1: Ruins of an 1861 Army post
James Marvin Phelps: August Sunset
wolflett1: Fort Churchill
stunningpromotions: Liberty in One Piece Bikini at Pyramid Lake