Peter Juerges: evening light
Photolibrium: 🎵 "I got my kicks ..." 🎶
Peter Juerges: into the sunshine
Peter Juerges: High Moor
foteinizaglara: vulnerability
foteinizaglara: What make us blind
foteinizaglara: Riverside II
foteinizaglara: vivid recollections
foteinizaglara: the girl with the golden hair
Peter Juerges: Cruising into the light...
foteinizaglara: internal conflict
foteinizaglara: PLASTIC POLLUTION
foteinizaglara: prologue to spring
foteinizaglara: Golden Tears (Δ: Δάκρυ)
Peter Juerges: Apprehension road
foteinizaglara: i came out of the woods by choice
foteinizaglara: seeking reality
foteinizaglara: How much do I love you?
foteinizaglara: the call
colourvein: The Long Narrow Road
Peter Juerges: In the distance...Bosley Cloud. Mountain Landscape, Monument Valley, Navajo Reservation, Arizon/Utah, United States Of America. Winter Landscape, Road Tunnel Network, Norway.