MobileSnapShooter: Minimarket
MobileSnapShooter: Morning paper
fam_nordstrom: Kids palying in the street, Kampala, Uganda
fam_nordstrom: I'll go get water - later, Kasubi, Kampala, Uganda
PatricksMercy: Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King conducting an orphanage 1924
fam_nordstrom: Living on boats, Li River, Yangshuo, Guangxi, China
MobileSnapShooter: BottlecollectorFamily
PatricksMercy: Bars and shops on Capitol Hill, the building on the left still has people living in it. They tear these down and throw up luxury apartments nothing affordable for the working class. On Pike and 10th Seattle, WA
LoisInWonderland: In Midtown Manhattan
fam_nordstrom: Boys, Kasubi, Kampala, Uganda
PatricksMercy: Mother Teresa's order of Sisters have been serving the needs of the poor in the Hills of Kentucky since the early 1980's when Mother Teresa brought the order to this very poor region. photo by Charles Bertram
PatricksMercy: The Magic of Macy's and the Homeless Problem in America with the Wells Fargo Logo reflecting in the window
PatricksMercy: Creative positive messages for the homeless people in Lake City Way area of Seattle, WA
PatricksMercy: Homeless man in the ghost town of downtown Seattle, WA as he walks past the empty Chanel display window at Nordstrom store on Pine
PatricksMercy: Dedicated and kind Mercy Sister Libby, RSM serving the homeless community of downtown Sacramento in the morning bringing coffee, snacks and basic supplies to those on the streets in need.
PatricksMercy: The Bon- Macy's Department Store downtown Seattle and the sad reality of homelessness looking for a safe place to sleep at Christmas time
PatricksMercy: The Los Angeles Venice Canals resident children 1970
PatricksMercy: Homeless in Seattle right next to the freeway on ramp in downtown Seattle, WA
PatricksMercy: Sister M Gabriel, RSM with some orphan children at St. James Orphanage conducted by the Sisters of Mercy of Omaha circa 1930 during the great depression.
PatricksMercy: One of the many homeless people in the city of Seattle, down by the Water Front.
LoisInWonderland: On the Upper West Side
LoisInWonderland: On the Upper West Side
LoisInWonderland: Homeless & Hidden on the Upper West Side
LoisInWonderland: On the Upper West Side
LoisInWonderland: Saint Thomas Church on Easter Sunday on 5th Avenue
RURO photography: Asia - China / Guizhou + Guangxi