vodophoto's images: Lunch Date
bwfcnottingham: The view from under the trees
bwfcnottingham: A frame within a frame Selfie
vodophoto's images: Passing Time
bwfcnottingham: 100 Strangers : Round 2 : No. 172 : Dale
bwfcnottingham: Forever Friends (Vintage Industar И-61 53mm f2.8)
bwfcnottingham: Reggae on the Rocks
bwfcnottingham: 100 Strangers : Round 2 : No. 170 : Ann (Gracie and Eddie)
bwfcnottingham: One year later : Same T-shirt, Shorts, Location, Date, different camera lens and sunglasses
bwfcnottingham: 100 Strangers : Round 2 : No. 169 : Derrick
bwfcnottingham: Holiday Selfie (Industar И-61 53mm f2.8 vintage lens)
bwfcnottingham: Peter (vintage Jupiter 11A 135mm f4 lens)
regis.grosclaude: London - Soho Underground
bwfcnottingham: Vintage Lens Testing : Industar И-61 lens and me
bwfcnottingham: Helios Whippet
rodburkey: "A Moment Of Happiness"
rodburkey: "Synchronized"
rodburkey: "Wedding Guests"
rodburkey: Proud Traction Engine Owner_Malpas, Cheshire.
rodburkey: "Hat"_Matthew Street, Liverpool.
rodburkey: "Bob"
FloridaGuy1055: Heron unable to care for itself in the wild.
Dr Dapper: merrygoround
BegMeil44: Je l'aimais, je l'aime, je l'aimerai
dirk huijssoon: Rogue Male Elephant in Etosha NP
bwfcnottingham: Legacy Lens Testing : Phil and yashica ml 50 mm f1.7