leo.roos: Water tower, Flushing
janhallback: 6M7A7268
leo.roos: Made in Zeeland
leo.roos: Meyer Megor (1932), with Trioplan 5cm f/4.5, copy of Kochmann Korelle 3x4 (in the background)
leo.roos: Running on pilchards in tomato sauce
leo.roos: Buttressing the bridge
leo.roos: Rolling lift bridge
leo.roos: Line 65 crossing Mexico bridge
leo.roos: Extinct
leo.roos: Green wheels
Wendy:: Finvarra
claudia.schillinger: Völklinger Hütte_2022
claudia.schillinger: Völklinger Hütte_2022
claudia.schillinger: Völklinger Hütte_2022
leo.roos: Dutch originals
leo.roos: Like a marine painting from the Dutch Golden Age
leo.roos: Young blue eyes
leo.roos: Verticals and horizontals
leo.roos: Shipping through the ages
leo.roos: The coachman, his horses, and his boy
leo.roos: Send the Spanish packing
leo.roos: The beauty of a dairymaid
leo.roos: Eye to eye with a dairymaid
leo.roos: Portret of a 16th century girl
leo.roos: Happy undertakers
leo.roos: Troubled minds
leo.roos: Life's hard for a cripple
leo.roos: Uroscopist in 1572
leo.roos: Dental care in the 16th century
leo.roos: Kodak No.2A Beau Brownie black & tan