marcostetter: wet hunk
elisa aka stjernesol: “Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on the object we're waiting for.”
Mihr*: DSCF2634
marcostetter: 5 seconds before dipping
Mihr*: SDIM2792
Mihr*: SDIM2791
alight: happy-making
earthdog: Protest
bubbly oubliette: 2020-01-17_08-15-25
marcostetter: topless walking
marcostetter: wetlook
martabraggio: Le Disgrazie
martabraggio: Pecore che se ne vanno cucite
marcostetter: dive in
elisa aka stjernesol: Bye bye Christmas. Soon we welcome 2020.
Studio d'Xavier: Benito kept his humor in the Gourd of Discontent
martabraggio: Almost
martabraggio: Sunday
marcostetter: wet for art II
marcostetter: Trasimeno Lake - wet hiking
_paul_rutherford: Alternative Christmas
Claudia Hantschel: Sell your Soul
K.a.J.a: Pourquoi...
davidcwong888: Un violeur sur ton chemin (Montréal)
davidcwong888: _DEMERDE (Département de danse de l'UQAM) - Ariane Demers - Tangente Danse