vchauvard: Dodo, l’enfant do, l’enfant dormira bien vite... dodo, l’enfant do, l’enfant dormira bientôtère: blue monday
vchauvard: Sommeil en équilibre...
wildenstein°: paralell worlds
wildenstein°: People all around me
vchauvard: Songe et réflexion
ca1951rr: LONDON
Radosław Surowiec: Wrocław, Poland.
wildenstein°: on the road
Feca Luca: Train window
Nicolay Abril: Reading on the train
Feca Luca: Life is a journey
Radosław Surowiec: Budapest, Hungary.
Leon Aglaonema: Sackadler
Much Ramblings: One of Life's Unsolved Mysteries
Leon Aglaonema: Connection.
Documentary Dom: Woman on the Bus
Bitter Sweet Citizen: OC5A9449.jpg
version3point1: still underground on the Bakerloo
photoginthefog: Brooklyn bridge
Paoloski22: The Passenger
pandafundraise: Seriously?
Paoloski22: Strangers on a Train
@icandidyou: IMG_5798
étienne buyse: Widescreen
jlsfly: _DSF6510
pandafundraise: Well read
photoginthefog: power of reading