Jibbo: here we go again
CharlieCharlcomb: Resetting the bar on Exhibition Promotion
CharlieCharlcomb: My First Cover Shot
CharlieCharlcomb: Bath Magazine - Lost and Found
CharlieCharlcomb: Bath Life Magazine - Lost and Found
sunface13: Bath In Time: Lost & Found Exhibition Poster
marcus_Z!: Street Performers & Bath Abbey
chapowl: blustery day for a swim
chapmonkey: well you've got to have at least one gasometer shot these days
chapmonkey: urban renewal
chapowl: Lansdown cross
chapowl: riverside walk
chapowl: still as a statue
chapowl: mushroom tree
chapmonkey: pig farmer
chapmonkey: bridge over swirly water
Andy Clist: The Bells
James Whitlock: Pulteney Weir Night
pastichepat: Cornice Pastiche-1
pastichepat: Cross of St Andrews-1
pastichepat: Ham-Bushed-1
Lillput: DSC_5127 Through
Lillput: DSC_2029 Glitz
Terrorkitten: They Charmed The Past From Me With A Smile. Bath Abbey Churchyard, Bath.
Terrorkitten: Contemplating An Uncertain Future. Bath Abbey Churchyard, Bath, Somerset.
Terrorkitten: Caught Between Realities, Heaven And Hell Perhaps. Grand Parade, Bath.
Terrorkitten: Scrutinising The Outcome Of Events. Grand Parade, Bath, Somerset.
Terrorkitten: Oblivious Or Indifferent To The Sights. Bath Abbey Churchyard, Bath, Somerset.