blue-105: autumn blues
EUgenG_: I am
Jazz Sandoval: Gráfica. 01. Las Palmas de G. C. julio 2020.
"Lischen": Die Biege machen
Mikko Luntiala: Worlds within the margin
baladeson: Lumière II
May-margy: F-_47A9769-2017-06-09-Canon 5DIII-Tamron 28-300mm-May Lee 廖藹淳
Catimini79: Seul dans le champ
Paul Sisul: Grass Hoh Rain Forest
MichaelDedecek: black X white
skucer: Men on a Wire!
Bill Whala: Askew
todd ar: Monochrome Cherry Blossom
Paul Sisul: Open Rose Peddles
geka32: in the beginning
zoulex69: Tu ne l'as pas volet !
Hacki42: Shadow
Kleebär: closing time
markyparky: Autumn
B&W addicted: Staying in the light ⬛⬜
Harrys_style: Staircase detail.