PatricksMercy: Students on their way to Chapel Mass at Newton College of the Sacred Heart 1966 Newton, Mass
swallace99: Nitey Nite Books N102 - Jean Bromyde - The Sexual Animal
PatricksMercy: Students boarding buses that will take them from the beautiful lush trees of Connecticut, back to St. Joseph Hill Academy in Staten Island, NY
PatricksMercy: Students on a field trip from St. Joseph Hill Academy on Staten Island NY off to Stratford, Connecticut in 1964
PatricksMercy: Rose is counting the 48 stars on the American Flag back in 1942. Illustration by Charlotte C Ware for This is Our Town Catholic school reader illustrations
PatricksMercy: Volkswagen Beetle part 2 at Mercy High School 1967 Middletown, Connecticut
swallace99: Unique Books 155 - Robert Nelson - Lady Butler
swallace99: Wee Hours Books 532 - Glenn Allison - Double or Nothing
swallace99: Bantam Books 455 - Faith Baldwin - Love is a Surprise!
swallace99: Beacon Books B465F - Orrie Hitt - Dial "M" for Man
Jeff R. Lonto: H. Salt, Esq.
swallace99: Avon Books 319 - Louis Sobol - Along the Broadway Beat
swallace99: Bantam Books 1515 - Noel Loomis - The Buscadero
saltycotton: Mrs. C. Dressed Her Family, Her Living Room, and Herself!
Jeff R. Lonto: Media Sexploitation, 1976
swallace99: Handi-Books 118 - Robert Leslie Bellem - The Window with the Sleeping Nude
swallace99: Mercury Books 10 - James Harvey - Young Passions
saltycotton: She Pledges Allegiance to the Flag . . . .
swallace99: In Library Books 220 - Duane Davis - Changeover
swallace99: Novel Library 42 - Alan Schultz - Lady for Love
Madison Historical Society (CT-USA): Restored portrait of Parnel Kelsey Munger
uoıʇnloʌǝɹʍol: Kentucky Club
swallace99: Saber Books SA-15 - Lee Walters - Bachelor Husband
swallace99: Dell Books B133 - Bob Thomas - The Flesh Merchants
swallace99: Monarch Books 119 - Robert William Taylor - Occasion of Sin