Jeff R. Lonto: Benjamin Franklin in suburbia, 1976
classic_film: 1957 Vogue Fashion Ad, Tweed Coat: La Vigna Look, Lovely Model
Madison Historical Society (CT-USA): Capt. S. F. Willard memorial
Madison Historical Society (CT-USA): Brown satin dress with empire waist
Madison Historical Society (CT-USA): Scenes from Harvest of Quilts 2019
saltycotton: Real Maple Flavor
saltycotton: “Naturally She Prefers Color”
saltycotton: The Floating Pans Entertain Her
saltycotton: Coke Time
saltycotton: She’s Proud of Her Windsock
jebzphoto: Star Laundry - Boston, MA
jebzphoto: Statco Warehouse - Jersey City, NJ
saltycotton: Giant Bottle of Sta-Flo Is Thriftier!
saltycotton: Teenagers Adding “Zest to the Hour”
saltycotton: The Jolly Green Giant Plays the Cello
Jeff R. Lonto: California Living, 1985
classic_film: 1986 Ad, Garfield the Cat Telephones, Tyco Industries, Teen Girls
saltycotton: Woman Excited about Tiny Washing Machine
saltycotton: “Why Is She Buying Two of Everthing”
saltycotton: Happy Housewife
saltycotton: “Fun’s a-Cookin’ at the Barbecue!”
Jeff R. Lonto: Shelly 1987
PatricksMercy: Halloween Costume kids 1957
classic_film: 1962 Ad, Armstrong Vinyl Floors, Cheerful, Beautiful Blue Kitchen/Dining Nook Area
classic_film: 1962 Ad, Champion Spark Plugs, Featuring 1962 Mobil Economy Run Winner, Rambler American "400" Car
saltycotton: Station Wagons & Thunderbirds