gnsk: Autumn_colors
Geza (aka Wilsing): Lens test (34 of 43)
tvbpictures: beauty mark
tvbpictures: DSCF7384-5
Cembe Héctor: Nubes de nácar - Nacre clouds
tvbpictures: green hang
Don White (Burnaby): Maianthemum dilatatum
Nathan_Arrington: Mount Vernon
Don White (Burnaby): On the Grass
leopc.lin: Flower
Don White (Burnaby): Alternate Lenses
Joseph Kravis: The Water Is Cold
Patogaz29: Couleurs d'Automne"
happad fotografie: Busy like a little bee,
Geza (aka Wilsing): _DSC3546-2
Patogaz29: "Chaleur d'Automne"
happad fotografie: Zen grass and fields of bokeh blur
Bellatchitchi: Lumiere interieure
Don White (Burnaby): Ladder to the Big Bad Spider