mafinky: Haussee bei Petzow Werder
dino_x: Lago Superiore , 2128 m
Welsh photographs - thanks for 7 million views: Llynnau Mymbyr this afternoon looking to the Snowdon horseshoe, Snowdonia national park, Gwynedd, Wales 10.11.19 (AW11 69)
Manfred_H.: A grazing and resting swarm of Canada geese on the higher situated bankside meadows at the river Lippe (Central Westphalia, Germany)
Ade Ward Phototherapy.: The stream feeds the sea
antonio.dicarro: Autunno - Parco Ciani
antonio.dicarro: Autunno - Parco Ciani
Manfred_H.: Autumn impression in the wetlands of the river Lippe (Central Westphalia, Germany)
Ivan - Lausanne (Switzerland): Sunset / Coucher de soleil /
Bephep2010: Lake Como
Daniel Poon 2012: 旭岳 - a frozen pond was seen.
miss.natjo: "I like to lose myself in a wild and enchanted nature... This is where I feel free..." ✨
S.Kuroda: Kalamalka Lake, Vernon British Columbia Canada
T.Divković-Photography: D75_1751D75_1738-Die Kravica-Wasserfälle befinden sich beim Dorf Studenci in Bosnien und Herzegowina. Sie gehören zu den bekanntesten
mafinky: Haussee bei Petzow Werder
antonio.dicarro: Lugano Parco Ciani
antonio.dicarro: Lugano lungolago
wolfbronx: Nella Sila.
oekopark03: Canal de Huningue II, Alsace/France
benlarhome: Day 1 - Dash to Spokane - The Elk River near Fernie BC
benlarhome: Day 1 - Dash to Spokane - Lundbreck Falls - one of the prettiest accessible waterfalls in Alberta
Marin Stanišić Photography: Karlovac, Croatia, River Korana - Tranquility...
Thirsty Hrothgar: The last of the light
Gérard & Françoise: 18.06.06.Lac de Vallon
Ade Ward Phototherapy.: Misty & foggy morning
oekopark03: Canal de Huningue, Alsace/France
ohefin: Lake padarn and snowdonia mountains. River Landscape, Tees Barrage, Stockton-On-Tees, County Durham, England.