Mel Gray: Caught-in-midair_DSC6113
Yann Tang: 紀州庵 Kishu An
Stuart Smith.: Flinders Ranges from Razorback Lookout, Bunyeroo Road, Wilpena Pound, South Australia, Australia
plutogno: Komic Gompa Buddhist monastery, Himachal Pradesh
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Jason 87030: Calbourne at Ashey
r-h-b pictures: Sweet Peanut_221103_059
Stuart Smith.: New Scotland Yard, Victoria Embankment, Westminster, London, England UK
Stuart Smith.: Across the Beach to Mumbles Lighthouse, Mumbles Head, Swansea Bay, The Mumbles, Swansea, Wales UK
Stuart Smith.: Church Street to Mason Cove, Port Arthur Penal Settlement, Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia
Paul Comstock: hooded figures 2
plutogno: Etihad Airbus A380 A6-APA
Paul Comstock: smoke from the west
Bruce Sorrell: Autumn Forest
Nicolas Hoizey: Summer vibes in Mundaka
plutogno: Sahara
plutogno: Horses - East of Kharkhorin
Andrew C Noble: 52 - Austin Mini Clubman - Brian Dennis
Ingunn Eriksen: Love is in the air - Vanlig metallvannymfe, Lestes sponsa, emerald damselfly mating, Norway
Stuart Smith.: Asylum, Port Arthur Penal Settlement, Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia
descartes.marco: Paris Solex S 2200
plutogno: Gangaikonda Cholapuram - Shiva temple
Yann Tang: Blue Sky & Rock Fortress
Bruce Sorrell: Willow Oaks Office Complex
Mel Gray: Flying-terrier_DSC2377
plutogno: Nile God statue Barberini-Albani (circa 70-100 CE)
plutogno: Ovgon Khiid Buddhist monastery ruins