Xu@EVIL Cameras: IMG_20190602_201234
Xu@EVIL Cameras: Snail on the edge of green leaf
svanhooft: House Of Gold
framat: 190703-Cannibal
_ SZS _: Going out for a walk
VolVal: Two snails: 12.7.19.
VolVal: Same snails: 12.7.19.
martinbailey5: Lunchtime
Ell Joli: downstairs
Peter Fellowes: Best of Friends
Ell Joli: schnecke im water
VolVal: Climbing snail: 2.7.19.
Chat Malicieux: IMG_4639_1
thisoneiscrazy: 2019_07_03_5933
thisoneiscrazy: 2019_07_03_5932
Ell Joli: snail on snail
miriana.stumpf: Foto : Miriana Stumpf Fotografia
Mauro Hilário: On route!
Nikon Ranger: Snail.
Nikon Ranger: Snail.
Deborah J Howell: Odd Couple
Deborah J Howell: Odd Couple
VolVal: Snail Saturday; 29.6.19.
tisatruett: The Encounter
Napocesco: DSC02073
bramblejungle: Stately progress